How to Add a Disclaimer to Your Apple Mail Email Signature


If you work for a company that handles emails containing sensitive or confidential information, adding a disclaimer to your Apple Mail email signature can help protect that information from unauthorized disclosure.

Likewise, if you use an environmental disclaimer, it can reduce the amount of paper waste by reminding your recipients to consider the environment before printing the email – and this is always a good thing.

Gimmio is a great tool that can help you add a disclaimer to your email signature in just a few clicks.

Disclaimers are often included in emails and other communications as a way for the sender to limit their liability or to clarify the purpose of the message, but the effectiveness of a disclaimer can vary depending on the specific language used and the circumstances under which it is used.

In general, it is best to consult with a lawyer if you have any questions about the enforceability of a disclaimer or other legal issues related to email communications.

Before Starting

Before adding a disclaimer to your Apple Mail email signature, you will first need to copy a disclaimer example that you can modify to suit your needs. You should always consult your lawyer to ensure that the disclaimer you’re using achieves the desired results.

Select your version of Apple Mail

How to Add a Disclaimer in Apple Mail (macOS)

To add a disclaimer to an email signature in Apple Mail (macOS), follow these steps:

Step 1

Open Apple Mail and click on “Mail” in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and in the drop-down menu, select “Preferences”.


Step 2

In the Preferences window, click on the “Signatures” tab at the top.

Select the email signature you want to add the disclaimer to from the middle column.


Step 3

In the signature editing area on the right, click on the area where you want to add your disclaimer (usually at the bottom of your email signature) and type or paste your disclaimer text.

To change the style of the text, you can select the disclaimer and then click on Format in the top menu bar and select the change you wish to make (eg. italic, black/gray color, small font size).

When you’re finished adding your disclaimer, simply close the Signatures window and you’re done!


How to Add a Disclaimer in Apple Mail (iOS – iPhone/iPad)

Since formatting and styling text on iOS devices can be fairly limited and time-consuming, we recommend that you style your disclaimer on a computer before adding it to your email signature. Ideally, the email signature and disclaimer should be styled and added to your device simultaneously. With Gimmio, you can add your signature and disclaimer to your iPhone at the same time.

To add a disclaimer to an email signature in Apple Mail (iOS – iPhone/iPad), follow these steps:

Step 1

When copying the disclaimer text from our disclaimer examples (or anywhere for that matter), you need to ensure that the text is copied in plain text and doesn’t include formatting. Because the iOS operating system (that iPhones and iPads use) can only copy text with formatting included, you will need to copy the disclaimer text in a specific way which is explained below.

Firstly, select the disclaimer text that you want to copy, and click on “Share…” from the pop-up menu.


Step 2

In the sharing menu, click on “Copy”.

This will ensure your text is copied in plain-text format.


Step 3

On your device, go to Settings.


Step 4

Scroll down and tap on Mail.


Step 5

Scroll down and tap on Signature.


Step 6

In the signature editing area, tap on the section where you want to add your disclaimer (usually at the bottom of your email signature) and paste your disclaimer text.

You may have to put your cursor on the right side of your signature and press return to go to the next line, before pasting your disclaimer.


Step 7

If you want to change the format of the disclaimer (eg. italic, bold, underline), simply select the text and tap on Format.

To format the disclaimer text further (eg. colors, font style), you will need to do so on your computer first, and then send yourself the disclaimer text and paste it in. In this case, you should copy the disclaimer text in the usual way, not doing it via “Share…” > “Copy” as per Step 1 & 2.

When you’ve finished adding the disclaimer, simply tap the back button and exit out of the settings.


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