How to Add an Email Signature in 1and1 Webmail

Step 1:

When you are ready to set up your email signature, simply log into your 1and1 Webmail account using a web browser. At the top right, click on the settings button and click Edit Settings.

1and1 Email Signature

Step 2:

In the left column, select Signatures under the Email heading.

1and1 Email Signature

Step 3:

Ensure that “Allow HTML formatted emails” option is ticked under the Display heading and then click on “Add new signature” under the Signatures heading.

1and1 Email Signature

Step 4:

Enter a name for your email signature at the top. In the main text section, paste your new email signature. At the bottom, select where your email signature will get appended. For most cases, it should be “Add signature below quoted text”. Click Save at the bottom and test out your new email signature by composing a new email.

1and1 Email Signature

4 Replies to “How to Add an Email Signature in 1and1 Webmail”

  1. I’m having problems getting the reply email to work.

    I’ve set the signature to “Default signature for replies or forwards” but it will not put in the set up signature.
    Could really do with some help, I’ve tried deleting the signature and starting again but no joy.

    1. Hi Michael,

      If you’ve set the signature to be used for replies and forwards and it’s still not showing up, I would guess there’s an issue with 1and1. I would probably contact them to ask about it.

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