How to Add an Email Signature in AOL Mail

Step 1:

Open up your browser and log in to AOL Mail. Click on Options in the top right corner, then select Mail Settings.

AOL Email Signature

Step 2:

Click on Compose from the left menu. Ensure that Use Rich Text / HTML Editing is ticked. From the Signature drop-down box, select Use Signature.

AOL Email Signature

Step 3:

Paste your email signature into the text box that opens up. At the bottom, click on Save Settings.

AOL Email Signature

Step 4:

Your new email signature is now installed! Test it out by composing a new email to make sure it looks correct.

6 Replies to “How to Add an Email Signature in AOL Mail”

    1. Have you tried pressing Ctrl + V to paste instead? If paste is not highlighted, it sounds like there is nothing copied to the clipboard. Maybe try copying the signature again and see if that helps. :)

    1. Hi Sara,

      Are you able to tell me what the error message says when you try to save the signature?

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