How to Add an Email Signature in Mail App on iPhone (iOS)

Step 1:

Email the signature to yourself and open the shared signature link on your phone.

If you’ve received a shared signature link, simply open it.

Step 2:

Tap on the pencil icon on the left of your screen to open the side menu.


Step 3:

Tap the green “Click here” button to copy the signature to your clipboard.


Step 4:

From the main screen, tap on Settings.


Step 5:

Scroll down and tap on Mail.


Step 6:

Scroll down and tap on Signature.


Step 7:

Tap on the empty area and in the pop-up menu, tap on Paste.


Step 8:

Once you have pasted the email signature, you will need to shake the phone until the “Undo Change Attributes” window pops up and then tap “Undo”. This will restore the correct formatting of the signature.


Step 9:

Your signature is now installed!



  • If the images in your email signature aren’t appearing and you’re only getting a gray outline or a blue question mark where your images should be, you will need to check the following settings on your device:
    For iOS 14 and below: Settings > Mail > Load Remote Images – should be switched on.
    For iOS 15 and above: Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection > Protect Mail Activity – should be switched on. If Protect Mail Activity is switched off, ensure Block All Remote Content is switched off as well.
  • On iPhones, by default the Shake to Undo feature is turned on. If you cannot get the Shake to Undo message to appear after shaking your phone, you may need to check if it’s switched on in your iPhone’s settings. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch. Ensure Shake to Undo is switched on. After that, try to install your signature again and it should work correctly.

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    1. Hi Emma,

      On iPhones, by default the “Shake to Undo” feature is turned on. You may need to check if it’s turned on in your iPhone’s settings.

      Go to Settings > General > Accessibility

      Tap on “Shake to Undo” and turn it on.

      After that, try to install your signature again and it should work correctly.

    1. That is strange! It looks like Gmail is cutting off half of the signature. Did you follow the steps to install the signature on your iPhone correctly? Also, once you’ve pasted your signature, it’s important to “Undo Change Attributes”. If you don’t do this, the signature wont work correctly.

  1. Hello.

    The resolution of the signature is bad when i have sent it from my iphone X..
    Everything is fine if i sent it from my mac.

    1. Hi Kurt-Johan,

      If the resolution of the images is bad, I would use larger images and then scale them down in Gimmio. When you use larger images and scale them down, the images will look a lot more crisp and clear on mobile devices which have retina displays.

  2. Hello,

    i just did the steps as mentioned above. My problem is, i cant see my pictures, there are only gray outlines. “Load remote images” is turned on on the Iphone. Im using Apple Mail What can i do?

  3. just found the solution:

    1 Create the .html source code of your signature and open on windows your editor.
    2 Paste it in there and save the file with the ending .html
    3 Send yourself this file via mail
    4 Open this mail and oopen the .html file with your Iphone/Ipad
    5 Copy the file and paste into the signature directory in settings-mail

    Done 🙂

    1. Hi Taylan,

      If you’re not using Gimmio for your email signatures, what you did is correct. This is how you can install your signature on an iPhone.

      If you’re using Gimmio, you can easily send the signature to your email from the dashboard and open the email on your iPhone and install the signature from there. It basically does what you listed in the steps above in just a couple of clicks 🙂

    1. Hi Kim,

      The yellow pencil icon is only used to open the side menu. If you don’t see it, you’re likely viewing the website on a tablet or larger device which has the full view website. If this is the case, simply go to the next step.

  4. Hi,
    I don’t understand how to install correctly the signature on my Phone.
    I did all the step which are on the video but when I send an email from my Phone and I open It on a computer all the image and logo are distort. Then, logos are always distort whatever I send it from my computer or my phone
    Can you help me ?

    1. Hi Manon,

      If you could please email [email protected] explaining the issue you’re experiencing (with screenshots if possible) we will be happy to get this issue resolved for you.

  5. Hi, I followed the instructions but my signature is still not working after undoing the changes. The image is supposed to go before the text but it shows on top of it. What can I do?

  6. Hi,
    I managed to set up the signature correctly and it shows as it’s supposed to on the email app. However, when I send the email and look at it on the receiving device, it’s cropped at the bottom. What should I do?

  7. Hello! I am testing signature and I have found when I try and install on my iphone it goes crazy. I created signatures in Baskerville and Century gothic. The view fine on computer. When loaded on an iPhone 12 everything switched fonts to Helvetica and all text is overset in a jumble. Images load fine. I did the shake to undo fine. But fonts are wrong. Is there an area I need to uncheck somewhere about not converting all fonts to Helvetica like in the Mail preferences on my Mac?. What did I do wrong?

    1. Hi Edie,

      It could be that the Baskerville and Century Gothic fonts are not available on iPhone, which would mean that when the signature is loaded on the phone, it would use a fallback font which sounds like it is Helvetica in this case. If a specific font is not available on a device, it will usually just use a fallback font. Please see this post for further details about the best font to use for email signatures:

  8. The “shake to undo” feature is on and nothing happens when I shake my phone. Are these still the correct steps?

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