How to Add an Email Signature in Gmail

Step 1:

Once you are ready to set up your email signature, log into your Gmail account using a web browser. At the top right, click the settings icon, and then click See all settings.

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Step 2:

Scroll down to the Signature section and click the Create new button.

2 - Gmail Installation

Step 3:

Type a name for your new signature and click Create.

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Step 4:

Paste your new signature in the text box provided, and set your signature defaults.

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Step 5:

At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes. 

Click to compose a new email and see your new signature in action!

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23 Replies to “How to Add an Email Signature in Gmail”

    1. Hi Bice,

      Gmail has a limit of 10,000 characters for their email signatures. This includes all characters in the HTML code as well.

      There isn’t much you can do about this other than reduce the size of your email signature. For example, have less fields and sections.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

        1. Hi Paul,

          The only way to reduce the HTML code is to remove unused fields in the Layout tab. Unfortunately, we cannot reduce the HTML code any more since all the code in there is what makes it compatible across so many email clients. So, if we were to remove some of the code, it would cause issues with other mail clients.

    1. Hi Jess,

      When the signature is copied to the clipboard, that just means it is ready to be pasted somewhere. To get it out, you just need to paste it somewhere using Ctrl + V if you’re on PC or Command + V if you’re on Mac.

  1. Why does the signature look completely different on mobile. Can I make it look the exact same as it does on desktop

    1. Hi Ziggy,

      Email signatures may look slightly different on mobile phones because phones are much smaller devices that use retina displays (and scaling). In addition, the email client app’s on mobile phones are much different to the desktop versions, which means they render HTML differently, too. It is similar to when you open a webpage using Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer. The webpage looks slightly different between the 2 browsers because they render HTML differently.

  2. Hi, I’m using gmail but I’ve used the raleway font which isn’t translating across. Is it because the font isn’t compatible with gmail? Also, what is the maximum width in gmail without causing the need to scroll across to see the whole signature? Thanks

    1. Hi Alexandra,

      When you say the font is not translating across, do you mean it changes immediately when you paste the signature? Or does the font change when you send an email and look at the reply? When you use a custom font (non websafe) on an email signature, if that custom font is not installed on the recipient’s computer, the font will revert back to a fallback font, which is usually one of the websafe ones.

      In regards to the maximum width, since Gmail is a web-based platform, the maximum width depends on how big the window size is of the person using it. So, if the browser window is 500px wide, and the signature is 600px wide, they will get a scroll bar across the bottom. Hope this makes sense.

  3. I used an empty row with a single space character to add some space between my signature and a disclaimer text below the signature. How can I get this to show in gmail webmail? Currently webmail is shrinking the font size in the signature as well.

  4. Hi! I’m using gmail, followed the instructions but both website and email are appearing underlined when I compose an email. I go back to setting and it appears with both fields underlined. Please help!

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Gmail, and other email clients will automatically hyperlink any field which appears to be a link (such as websites and email addresses). There isn’t too much you can do about it other than trying to put a “text-decoration:none” attribute onto that field, which can be achieved by putting in a hyperlink into your Gimmio signature. If you’re a Gimmio customer, feel free to contact our support at [email protected] and we will show you how to get this done easily.

  5. I followed all of the steps to install my signature to my gmail account. Everything appears to be correct when I paste it to the signature section in settings but after I click save and try to compose an email, the signature shows up with a different font and no images or borders. Want can I do?

  6. When following instructions for gmail signature installation in settings, the only options are no signature or create new. I don’t see the box to paste the copied signature tol

  7. hi everything looks great building the sig
    copying it into gmail looks great too (i can see the pic and the formatting)

    but when i go to create a new email –
    i see a bunch of html where the sig should be

    is there a setting i need to hit somewhere?

  8. I’m still getting the error that my sig is too long even though it’s not.
    I do have multiple signatures, one for each email address.
    Does it need to be under 10,000 combined across all sigs?
    Also, it appears that it used to allow longer sigs because just trying to save my existing sig results in the same error.

    1. Hi Moshe,

      Great question! The 10,000 character limit is per signature. So, if you have 3 signatures, each one of them would have a 10,000 character limit.

  9. Hi, I am having trouble importing my signature into a program we use called Karbon. It triages our email accounts, which are gmail business accounts. When I paste it directly into the email signature setting it elongates the picture, but not the rest of the signature. It imports fine into Gmail and Spark, but in Karbon if I click the button to import my Gmail signature it still elongates it when it is imported. Any advice?

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