How to Add an Email Signature in Outlook App on Android


Unfortunately, the Outlook App for Android does not support HTML email signatures. Please only use this guide if you’re planning to add a text-based email signature.

Step 1:

Open the Outlook App on your Android device. Tap the menu button from the top left.

Email Signature Outlook Android

Step 2:

Tap the settings gear icon on the bottom left of the menu.

Email Signature Outlook Android

Step 3:

When you’re in the settings menu, tap on the signature section.

Email Signature Outlook Android

Step 4:

Paste your new email signature into the text box provided and then tap the tick in the top right corner to save the signature..

Email Signature Outlook Android

Step 5:

Your email signature is now installed!

7 Replies to “How to Add an Email Signature in Outlook App on Android”

  1. Hi Richard,

    The Outlook app for Android and iPhone doesn’t support HTML email signatures, unfortunately. This means you cannot insert an image into your signature block.

      1. Because unfortunately they leave out what is needed in apps.
        I now use Aquamail. At least i can set up a signature that is the same as my PC signature

        1. Based on your comment I downloaded Aquamail, but when i pass signature it does not show full proper formatting. It doesn’t show pictures and whole block is with dark semi-transparent overlay. What am I missing here? Can you help please?

  2. My signature does not show when replying to or forwarding an email. It only shows when creating a new email. Can someone please assist me with resolving this issue?

    1. Hi Joel,

      When you put in your signature, it should also work for replies and forwards. When replying or forwarding an email, you may need to expand the window in order to see your email signature there. If you don’t expand the window, it doesn’t show you the signature.

      Hope that makes sense.

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