College Student Email Signature Tips and Examples

College Student Email Signature

Being a college or university student in the last year can be difficult as you prepare to transition from school to the workplace. This means that applying for jobs will become a part of everyday life and will often be stressful and feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. When applying for jobs, it is important to show the prospective employer that you can be professional when needed. What better way to achieve this than using a college student email signature.

7 Tips for Creating Email Signatures for College Students

  • Name – With any email signature, you should have your name there. However, with a student email signature, make sure you use your full name including any initials or middle names. Don’t use any nicknames or names that your friends call you.
  • Qualification – List your highest qualification, so the employer knows and can easily see without having to look through your resume.
  • Email Address – This is a bit of a no-brainer, but you should include your email address as well. It makes it that little bit easier for the recipient to contact you.
  • Phone Number – Phone numbers should always be listed in email signatures. You want to give the recipient as many ways to get in contact with you as possible.
  • Address – Insert your physical address where you can be sent letters or correspondence. This builds trust with your prospective employer.
  • Picture – This is optional, but it always helps. Adding a picture of yourself is desirable and helps to put a name to the face.
  • Social Network – Add links to your professional social pages such as LinkedIn and any others you may have.

What Makes a Good Student Email Signature?

Looking for a job as a college student is tough, especially if you are studying in a highly competitive field such as engineering or law. Sometimes, you need your email signature to stand out and say “Hey there, look at me” when someone scans over it while reading your email. What you do to make your email signature special and stand out is up to you, but perhaps you can use some of these ideas below to help you out.

Here are some things that you can add to your email signature:

  • Achievements – Your best achievement whilst at college. Did you win any scholarships? Did you set any records for best scores on a test? For example “Accepted the Berkley Scholarship in 2015”.
  • Quotes – A quote that is close to your beliefs on education. For example “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
  • Work Experience – List only the top 3 places you have completed work experience, perhaps use the companies logo’s if you can get their permission.
  • Blog – Do you have a successful blog that is appropriate for your prospective employer to read? Perhaps you should put a link to it in your email signature. You can use a web link button in your email signature to link to your blog.
Student Meme

Gimmio Can Help You Create a College Email Signature

If you are ready to create your email signature, Gimmio can help. We have plenty of available templates and customizable options which will allow you to make a really impressive email signature. If you get stuck and aren’t sure what sort of signature you want, check out our example email signatures below.

College Student Email Signature Examples

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