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Email Signatures for Interior Designers

Overview Interior design is all about mixing style and uniqueness, so why not flow those same attributes onto your email signature? An email signature can say a lot about your profession, and how seriously you take it. If you see an email come through from an Interior Designer and the sign-off is just "Thanks, Tracy" and

Email Signatures for Wedding Planners

Overview There is nothing worse than a boring wedding! Let your customers know that your wedding planning is the best out there, by having customer testimonials in your email signature. Have phone numbers of your previous customers (with their permission of course) that new customers can call to ask how the wedding planning turned out. Word

Email Signatures for Graphic Designers

Overview A graphic designers email signature should be an example of the sort of design work they can do. Imagine seeing a graphic designer's email signature that has a pixelated and saturated picture as the logo? It wouldn't be a good look, that's for sure. You could also have a link to your website at the

Email Signatures for Charities

Overview The use of email signatures in charities is to convince recipients that your charity is doing a good thing and that donating is worthwhile. For a charity email signature, you could put in your previous achievements into a banner, such as "Spent $50,000 getting water to children in need" as this makes people feel

Email Signatures for Car Salesmen

Overview Car salesmen should always have an email signature, as it increases trust and also credibility. In a car salesman's email signature, you would list any accreditations or any industry groups that you are a part of and also any sales targets you have achieved in the past. Anything that creates trust or credibility in an email

Email Signatures for Small-Medium Business

Overview Small-Medium Businesses at times have a tendency to ignore the marketing side of their business. For example, for every email that a staff member sends out, they miss out on potentially getting the business even more customers, simply by not having a good email signature. As a business owner, you might not send out

Email Signatures for Design Agencies

Overview Design agencies (similar to web designers) have a job of creating designs for all sorts of applications, such as business cards, email signatures, flyers, leaflets, brochures and others. They will often have really good looking email signatures themselves and help their clients create good email signatures as well. We have a lot of design

Email Signatures for Companies

Overview Companies of all sizes should always have an email signature, even if you are a one-man-band. Having an email signature gives your clients the impression that you are established and care enough about your business to bother having an email signature. Would you expect to receive an email from a multinational company that didn't

Email Signatures for Attorneys

Overview Attorneys have a very difficult job of dealing with the legal system as well as their clients. This often translates to plenty of emails being sent out from their mailbox. Typically, an attorney will send emails to their clients such as engagement of service or settlement documents, or they may send emails to the courts such as

Email Signatures for Car Dealers

Overview Car dealers must have a trust relationship with their clients. This is made easier by having an email signature that shows customer reviews in it or has testimonials from previous customers. An email signature is an essential tool for building your brand and also building trust. An email signature will only take you a short