Professional Email Signature Examples


Looking for the best email signature examples that will inspire you to create an amazing new email signature? All of the email signature examples below were created using Gimmio, following our design guidelines which have been adopted and used by some of the world’s biggest brands.

Take your time to look through our samples and note down the key criteria that you want to incorporate. An effective email signature for one company doesn’t mean it will work for another company, so carefully consider what you want and need out of your email signature.

Email Signature Examples

Here are a few example email signatures from our collection which have been used by thousands of people around the world.

These signatures have all been compatibility-tested on many email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, Mailbird, and many more.

As you will notice, some of the example signatures below have a horizontal type of layout, while others are more vertical.

Animated Email Signature Examples

We also have some examples of animated email signatures! This should give you some ideas on how to successfully implement GIF animations into your email signature.

It’s important to remember not to create animations that are too distracting for the recipient, otherwise, this can be seen as an annoyance.

When an animated email signature is done correctly, it can have a huge impact on your brand exposure.

Email Signature Examples With Disclaimers

Since disclaimers are a popular addition to the bottom of email signatures, we’ve included some sample email signatures with disclaimers!

There are many different types of disclaimers depending on what you’re trying to achieve. However, the following examples should give you some indication of how to add your disclaimer while maintaining the overall aesthetics of your email signature.

Email Signature Examples With Banners

Adding a banner to your email signature can help drive more visitors to your website, promote your products, collect online reviews, and much more.

Many companies opt to use banners as part of their overall marketing strategy because they can yield a huge CTR (click-through rate) when compared to other marketing methods. And marketers love efficient marketing!

The examples below should give you an idea of how businesses can successfully implement advertising banners into their email signatures while still retaining the aesthetics of their signature.

Outlook Signature Examples

A high-quality Outlook signature can increase visits to your website, which can result in more qualified leads.

Your recipients can also call you easier by just tapping on the phone number in your email signature.

When everyone on your team has a professional email signature, the difference in sales inquiries can be enormous.


Apple Mail Signature Examples

Are you using Apple Mail on your Mac or iPhone/iPad? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Apple Mail is the most popular email client in use today (with 59% market share)!

This is why it’s crucial that your email signature looks absolutely perfect on Apple Mail and has all the compatibility features embedded.

Take a look through our email signature examples for Apple Mail to get inspiration for your new design.

Gmail Signature Examples

Gmail is the second most-used email client worldwide. Therefore, ensuring your email signature is 100% compatible with Gmail should be a top priority!

Our email signatures are all tested and compatible with Gmail, so you can spend more time focusing on important things like your signature design.

A beautifully crafted email signature in Gmail can make your emails look professional and trustworthy.