Email Signatures for Design Agencies


Design agencies (similar to web designers) have a job of creating designs for all sorts of applications, such as business cards, email signatures, flyers, leaflets, brochures and others. They will often have really good looking email signatures themselves and help their clients create good email signatures as well. We have a lot of design agencies using Gimmio in order to create the email signature design that their clients want.

Gimmio makes it easy for design agencies to increase their revenue and work output by automating the whole process of making an email signature. Have a look at our design agencies email signature examples below!

What Should Be Included in a Design Agencies Email Signature?

  • Full Name - You should use your full name, including your middle name. Don't use nicknames.
  • Position - The position/title you hold at your company.
  • Company - The name of your company.
  • Qualifications (optional) - Any qualifications you may have, such as BSc, BEng, CPA etc. Adding qualifications to your email signature increases your credibility.
  • Company Logo or Photo of Yourself - Make sure the company logo or your photo is good quality and not blurry. You should also ensure the images are compressed.
  • Phone Numbers - Include your mobile/cell as well as your landline number. Use a click-to-call link for all phone numbers.
  • Office Address - Include your office address, or multiple addresses if you have branches. Add a Google Maps link for your address.
  • Website - If you have a website, including it in your email signature is a must! Add a hyperlink to it for easy access.
  • Email Address (optional) - You should include your email address. However, this is optional as your email address is already available to the recipient if you are sending them an email.
  • Social Media Icons (optional) - Linking to your social pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • Banner (optional) - This is the perfect opportunity to insert a banner and let your recipients know about an event or function you're having.
  • Disclaimer (optional) - Disclaimers are almost never legally binding or enforceable. However, some companies still prefer to use them since they set a "standard" for the fair use of emails.

Email Signature Examples for Design Agencies

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