Enhanced Plain Text Compatibility

You can now optimize emails for plain text over html.

Quick Usage Summary

Sometimes, email program are set to “plain text”, instead of “html”, this is more common in mobile phones or some free/cheap email service providers.

 If it’s important to you that plain text email formatting is retained at the expense of a few formatting options, then click ‘Prioritize plain text formatting’ in the style tab, under the advanced style controls. 

A bit more Detail

Plain text emails don’t have the ability to include multiple columns, include any images, or, anything more complex than plain text. This means that when you send an email to someone who uses plain text and they reply, the images are stripped out of your signature in their reply and the multiple columns are simply placed underneath each other. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get around this for any email signature generator.

The ‘Prioritize plain text formatting’ button puts phone numbers and addresses in the same column as the corresponding label. This means the phone number and address won’t move to the next line, but it also means…

The phone numbers, addresses, and website text won’t always be vertically aligned when ‘Prioritize plain text formatting’ is checked unless labels such as P | for phone , F | for fax, etc. are removed.

An example is shown here. As you can see, the details line up vertically in the left image, but not perfectly in the right image:

prioritize plain text emails signature generation

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