Get Ahead With Your Email Marketing With These 10 Tips

Email Marketing

As a small business, you need to get ahead however you can. Email marketing is a cheap and effective way of getting out there and finding new customers. There is a skill to doing it though, and you’ll want to learn how to send a good email to get the best results. Here’s 10 ways you can send the best marketing emails to potential clients.


1. Do Your Research

Before you start sending any emails at all, you need to be looking into what makes a good marketing email. This article is a good start, but make sure you’re researching what your customers want, and how you can give it to them. Another good source of information is Entrepreneur, as it’s written by experts that have lots more tips that you can use.


2. Give People A Good Reason To Opt-In

Many businesses ask customers to subscribe to emails on their website. Your customers aren’t going to do this unless you give them a good reason to. Maybe you can offer exclusive offers, early access to new products, or useful content they can use. Put writing services like Via Writing to use here in convincing readers to sign up with you.


3. Segment Your Email List

You won’t want to be sending the same emails to the same customers, all the time. You’ll want to segment your list, so you can send customized messages. For example, you’ll have a list of new customers who’ll get the ‘welcome’ email, and customers who haven’t been back for a while will get the email enticing them to return. Segment your list as it works for you and your company.


4. Save Time Where You Can

You’ll be sending out a lot of emails, so save time wherever you can. There’s a lot of templates online that will help you fill in the blanks and get those emails sent out quicker. There’s also services like Best Australian Writers, who can create emails for you when you need them.


5. Proofread Your Emails

Before you send any email, you want to ensure you’re proofreading and editing them. Your first draft will never be the best you can do, so ensure that you’re checking them over carefully before they go out. Proofreading can be time consuming, so you can hire services to help you. Grammarix can help you improve your grammar, and Revieweal can give you proofreading help.


6. Personalise Your Emails

Emails are more likely to be opened if you write them in a way that sounds personal. There are several ways you can do this. Write in a personable style, as if you were sat opposite the reader in a coffee shop. Also, you can send emails that are addressed to the recipient individually, which makes them more inclined to read it.


7. Send Regular Emails

You don’t want your recipients to forget about you, so you want to be sending regular emails to keep in touch with them. Because of this, you’ll need to be generating new ideas for emails all the time. Keep thinking about how you can give them the most value from every email you send them. UK Services Reviews can help you generate new topics whenever you need them.


8. Make It Easy To Opt Out

Of course, you don’t want to lose followers, but you do need to make it easy to opt out. There are lots of reasons why someone may not want emails from you anymore. Make it easy to remove themselves from the email list, and you’ll retain a lot of goodwill with them.


9. What’s Your Goal?

With every email you write, you need to ask yourself, ‘What’s my goal?’ What do you want from this email? You need to know exactly what you’re planning to do with every email you send out, to get the best results.


10. Get Help When Needed

Never be afraid to look for help if you’re not sure. There are plenty of resources online that will help you write the perfect email. For example, Academ Advisor has plenty of writing guides that you can put to use.

Use these 10 tips when you’re writing your emails, and create campaigns that get you the best results. You’ll see you’ll get more engagement when you follow this advice!


Rachel Summers has been a social media manager for 7 years now. She’s worked with all kinds of companies, including UK Top Writers, who are a leading writing service. She helps them get the most out of their social media strategy and bring in more customers every day.

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