How to Add a Instagram Button or Icon to Your Email Signature


Instagram is known as one of the best social media image sharing platforms. Instagram is a social network that uses only images as a primary form of communication. This makes it quick and easy for businesses to attract attention from their potential customers by posting their pictures with CTA's (Call-To-Actions). The platform is widely used by businesses that are design based, for example, web developers or design agencies. Any business that relies on design work would be wise to use Instagram.

Installing an Instagram icon to your email signature is super easy with Gimmio. If you would prefer to do it manually, have a look at our instructions below and download our free Instagram social icons pack!

Add an Instagram Icon the Easy Way

  1. Create a free email signature using Gimmio.
  2. Go to the Details tab and fill in your social media profile URL's for any of the social platforms that you use. For example, in the Facebook section, put in your Facebook profile URL like "". This is the address that your social icon will link to when someone clicks on it in your email signature.
  3. Select the color and style of the social icons that you want to use.
  4. Install your email signature in your email client.
ZippySig Social Icon Details
ZippySig Social Media Icons

Add an Instagram Icon Manually

If you want to learn how to add social media icons to your email signature manually by editing the HTML code, you can have a look at our guide here.

Instagram Social Icons for Email Signatures

ZippySig Social Icons Instagram

Download Instagram Social Media Icons Pack

We have prepared a social media icons pack for Instagram that you can download for free and use for your email signature. Our free social icons pack includes many different styles and colors so you can pick what works best for your company.

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