Email Signatures for Design Agencies

Overview Design agencies (similar to web designers) have a job of creating designs for all sorts of applications, such as business cards, email signatures, flyers, leaflets, brochures and others. They will often have really good looking email signatures themselves and help their clients create good email signatures as well. We have a lot of design

Email Signatures for Companies

Overview Companies of all sizes should always have an email signature, even if you are a one-man-band. Having an email signature gives your clients the impression that you are established and care enough about your business to bother having an email signature. Would you expect to receive an email from a multinational company that didn't

Email Signatures for Attorneys

Overview Attorneys have a very difficult job of dealing with the legal system as well as their clients. This often translates to plenty of emails being sent out from their mailbox. Typically, an attorney will send emails to their clients such as engagement of service or settlement documents, or they may send emails to the courts such as

Email Signatures for Car Dealers

Overview Car dealers must have a trust relationship with their clients. This is made easier by having an email signature that shows customer reviews in it or has testimonials from previous customers. An email signature is an essential tool for building your brand and also building trust. An email signature will only take you a short

Email Signatures for Journalists

Overview Journalists are often emailing people to get interviews or stories from them and this means a lot of daily outgoing emails. Sending emails without an email signature means your recipients don't get an idea as to your position or what stories you have covered in the past. Having an email signature gives you professional

Email Signatures for Professors

Overview Professors are often looked up to by their students, and are often highly educated, or educated enough in order to teach a class of students about certain topics. Professors are generally seen as mentors in the academic society. Having an email signature as a professor wont bring you any more money (like it would in

Email Signatures for Nurses

Overview Nurses, similar to doctors, are placed in a position of trust by the public. Maintaining that trust between a nurse and the public is important, as it shows integrity. One of the ways to achieve this is to have a professional email signature that shows that you are taking your job and your position

Email Signatures for Small Business

Overview Email signatures are the most effective for small business owners, as they don't have a big brand that is known worldwide, so they use email signatures in order to promote their brand and get widespread recognition through banners and competitions. Small business owners typically will make the mistake of not using an email signature, without

Email Signatures for Hostels

Overview Hostels typically send out a lot of emails daily. The types of emails they send are booking confirmations, cancellations, adjustments, invoices and a lot more. Each outgoing email should be treated as a marketing opportunity. Even if you send out 100 emails per day, and only 1 person clicks on your promotional banner, that

Email Signatures for Gardeners

Overview Although you might think that a gardener doesn't need an email signature, they do, and here's why. If you don't have an email signature, and your competitor does, and all other things being equal, your competitor will be easier to contact than you. And this is why all industries should have a great looking,