The Best Email Solution for Small Businesses

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General overview of email platforms In small business, there is often a lack of knowledge when it comes to what email setup is best for the organization. The usual scenario is that the business owner will sign up to a web hosting company that will host their website, and they will also use the same

Added Support for Multiple Languages

multiple language support zippysig
Email Signatures in Multiple Languages! We are pleased to announce that you can now use a wide variety of non-english characters in Gimmio. This includes most characters from left-to-right written languages. We're working on right-to-left languages but there is a lot more work to be done there! Until today, you couldn't use non-english characters in

Added More Signature Templates

We've added a few more Signature Templates We've added 2 more templates based on user feedback. Our current range of signature templates can be used to create an increadibly wide range of signatures, but there are still the odd cases that come up where we really just need to expand on the library. We'll always be

Added Support for Outlook for Mac

We've increased our support for Outlook for Mac We had been getting some bad feedback asking why our program doesn't support Outlook for Mac. We were scratching our heads for a while since ZippySig has supported Outlook for Mac from the beginning and it's been shown on our installation page as well as the website's front

Added a feedback form

We really want to know what you think! We've added a customer feedback form to make it easier for you to let us know what you think of Gimmio. We're making several changes every day and we've got a lot of ideas for the future, but we need your help to figure out the best

Simplified the Details Tab

You don't need to hide the unused fields anymore! Based on customer feedback, we've changed the way you enter information into the details tab. You don't need to remove unused tabs as they will be removed upon installation. You can also click the hidden fields to reactivate them and we've added a button to quickly

Enhanced Plain Text Compatibility

You can now optimize emails for plain text over html. Quick Usage Summary Sometimes, email program are set to "plain text", instead of "html", this is more common in mobile phones or some free/cheap email service providers.  If it's important to you that plain text email formatting is retained at the expense of a few formatting options,

New Social Link Colors

We've added another 8 colors Just a small change that should make a big difference, we've added some more colors to the social link options. There are so many features that we would like to add, but we need to choose the ones that will have the largest benefit to the most people. Let us

ZippySig is live!

We're proud to unveil ZippySig to the World! We've finally got something to show for all of the hard work! You can currently try ZippySig for free! There's basic functionality in the free version, but to really get a premium experience, you'll need to sign up to an account. If you have any issues at

Tab to Signature Instead of Email Body Issue

The Problem... This problem has been observed in Microsoft Outlook 2013. If the signature is not set to the default, when pressing tab to go to the email body, the first line of the email body is skipped and the signature is selected. The Best Solution... Aside from always using the default signature when creating