How to Optimize Your Email Signature for Mobile Devices

Over the years, the use of email signatures has skyrocketed, mostly because they are a very powerful marketing tool. However, such rapid and widespread use brings its own challenges, such as the need to use mobile-compatible email signatures to ensure they display correctly on all devices and apps. In this article, I'll show you how

How to Optimize Your Email Signature for Dark Mode

Ever since its very first introduction back in 2018, courtesy of Apple, dark mode is now one of the biggest factors to consider when designing an email signature. This guide will show you how to optimize your email signature for dark mode. Dark mode is sometimes a misunderstood feature, and this causes issues when designing

Best Practices for Using Social Icons in Email Signatures

Social media was originally intended as a simple digital communication medium to allow people to connect with one another. This allowed people from opposite corners of the globe to socialize without having to actually be in the same place. Social media continued to evolve as time passed, and with that evolution, people started using social icons in email signatures. This post details all the best practices if

Office 365 Dynamic Signature Injection Coming Soon

It's been a while since we've provided an update, but there's a good reason for that - we've been very, very busy! Throughout the last 12 months, we've been considering many different ways to add value for our loyal customers using the Gimmio platform. One of the most requested features we get asked for is

Best Image Formats for Email Signatures

Images are one of the first things that people see in an email signature, which means that images give you the opportunity to make a great first impression. This is why knowing about the best image formats for email signatures is just as important as knowing what images to actually use when creating your email

How to Design Your Business Cards for Special Events

Handing out a business card can make a connection feel more memorable. It’s a quick and easy way to share your contact information, and the card itself can tell prospects a lot about your business. Business cards for special events will help increase awareness of your event and encourage people to attend. Why Business Cards

How to Leverage Email Marketing to Engage Millennials

Millennials usually refer to the people who are born between 1981 and 1996. This generation saw the advent of the internet and, subsequently, many other social media platforms. Being a young, socially active, and tech-savvy generation, millennials have practically transitioned from a manual to a technological era. By surrounding themselves with smartphones, the high penetration

5 Ways to Ensure Your Email Inbox is Safe from Cyber Threats

Email Cyber Threats
Email is the first thing most of us check as soon as we wake up. It is a typical way of communicating with work colleagues, family, and friends. But, unfortunately, your email inbox could also be the primary source of a potential cyber attack. Hundreds of different email cyber threats lurk on the world wide

9 Unconventional Business Card Materials to Get You Noticed

A long time ago, business cards were simply pieces of paper with handwriting on them that were used to advertise one’s skills. However, to get noticed in today's modern and fast-paced world, you really need to stand out. A great way to do that is by using unconventional business card materials.  Although the written content on business

8 Business Card Etiquette Tips to Make a Top Impression

Going to a networking event armed with a set of brand new business cards and handing them out may seem very straightforward - and in some cases, it is. But there are some unwritten rules when it comes to exchanging business cards. Unfortunately, business card etiquette is often trivialized or just completely ignored by many which