Should Email Signature Quotes Be Used?

Should Email Signature Quotes Be Used

Our opinion is that using a famous quote in your email signature is generally not the best idea if you work in a professional based work environment. However, when answering the question of “Should Email Signature Quotes Be Used”, you should understand that there is no hard-and-fast rule. It really depends on your workplace and if they allow the use of them. Email signatures are used to convey your contact information to the recipient and to show the recipient that you are representing a company and that you can be trusted. Adding more information to your email signature doesn’t always make it better.

It is very important to keep the size of your email signature as small as possible, both in terms of looks, and the size in KB. Having a large email signature is visually draining and it can often lead to overcrowding of information in a fairly limited amount of space. The size of the signature, in KB, is also an important factor to consider. Large email signatures will take up much more disk space on any servers that it gets sent to and from, and that converts to real financial costs over a period of time.

Reasons Not to Use Quotes in Email Signatures

  • Inspirational quotes use up valuable space in your email signature where you could place other information or leave the space blank to have a more simple looking email signature.
  • It can appear that you aren’t a professional and the content that you are sending to the recipient may be seen as informal or casual in nature.
  • It may not represent your brand correctly, and the company you are working for may not approve of it.
  • The quote may be offensive to some people, depending on what it is.

When Can Quotes Be Used in Email Signatures?

  • When the quote is attached to your brand, for example using a company motto or slogan is perfectly fine to use in an email signature as it is a part of your branding.
  • If you are emailing from a personal email account that is not associated with your work, and the email you are sending is going to friends and/or family.
  • During seasonal holidays such as Christmas or Easter. Wishing your customers a Merry Christmas during the holiday season can be seen as a thoughtful gesture.

Examples of Email Signatures with Quotes

The examples below show how you could fit a quote, motto or slogan into your email signature and still make it look visually appealing. If you have a motto for your business, don’t be afraid to use it, but ensure it is not too long and that it is not taking up too much space in the email signature.

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