Breaking News… We haven’t finished yet.

We are getting there though!

We set out to make a simple but effective email signature program. We had a few goals in mind too:

  1. Your email signature should be as compatible as possible with as many email clients as possible.
  2. Our website must be easy to use for 1 person or for a company with 1000 people.
  3. It should take minutes to create the email signature and you shouldn’t need instructions (but we’d still provide some of course).
  4. You shouldn’t have to repeat yourself if you have information common to multiple staff members.
  5. The signatures should look amazing of course!

So we are here working hard to achieve these goals… We should have an early release ready by the end of 2015. So if you are reading this in 2017 and we still aren’t finished… Feel free to bug me in the comments. I don’t make promises to strangers on the internet for nothing!

Email Signature Program Draft Screenshot

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