ZippySig v2 is coming soon!

The Next Version of our Email Signature Generator

Over here at ZippySig, we are always working hard in order to bring you the most compatible and customizable email signatures. Over the years, we have found some things which we could improve with ZippySig. We have also listened to our users’ feedback, and with this in mind, we have decided to completely re-develop ZippySig. It will take us a few more months to completely test the new application and make sure there are no bugs in it. There will be some new features in it such as grouping email signatures and also a completely new graphics interface which will be easier to use. We are sure you will love it. Stay tuned!

If you’ve got any suggestions or improvements, just be sure to fill out our feature request form.

Whiteboards are Amazing!

I’m really not sure why we didn’t use them earlier.

planning zippysig

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