What is Gimmio?

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If you’ve arrived at this post, you’re probably wondering what Gimmio is, right?

TLDR; In short, Gimmio is basically ZippySig v2…on steroids.


Let’s start with a bit of background…

When we started ZippySig a few years ago, our aim was to create the most flexible and customizable email signature generator on the planet. After doing much research, we found that none of the other email signature generators that were available came even close to the flexibility that we wanted.

It was at that moment that we saw an opportunity and started working on ZippySig straight away. Almost a year later, we launched our product. Much to our surprise, customers flocked to us from the competition and we grew a huge customer base within only a few months.

Wow, that is terrific, we thought…but what next?


So, what’s Gimmio?

Since we saw the explosion of customers flocking to ZippySig, we always felt that we could make ZippySig even better, easier to use, and more flexible. We wanted to create something truly outstanding in our industry. So, we got to work.

About a year ago, we had a great idea to develop a platform on which we could build applications from the ground up, as our customers needed and requested.

And that’s when the idea of Gimmio was born. It’s a platform which we have built to provide some of the world’s best business branding and marketing tools all in the one place.

Our first application was of course…an email signature generator.

In short, Gimmio is basically ZippySig v2…on steroids.


Why the rebrand?

We were at a crossroad when creating Gimmio. We could have either used the existing ZippySig branding, or start fresh with a new brand that will reflect all the long-term goals we want to achieve. As a result, there was no option but to rebrand from ZippySig to Gimmio. Besides, the monster looks quite cool, right?


What’s in the pipeline for Gimmio?

We have already received an overwhelming response from web design companies that are eager to use Gimmio to create their customers’ signatures. So, we must have done something right.

In the months leading up to the launch, we have gathered a huge Twitter following (4400 followers at time of writing).

Our aim for the next 6-12 months is to develop complementary applications on the Gimmio platform, such as a Business Card Maker, Online Form Generator etc.

The best thing about all of this? If you already have email signatures on Gimmio, you will be able to create and order pre-designed business cards at the click of a button – how awesome will that be?

If you want to keep up with the progress, head over to our blog.


Can I use Gimmio if I am an existing ZippySig customer?

Unfortunately, no. But let me explain.

Because we wanted to create a whole new platform that supported many other features and applications such as business cards etc, we needed to start with a fresh base. If we didn’t do this, we couldn’t implement all the features that Gimmio has.

If you’re an existing ZippySig customer, feel free to take a look around at Gimmio (we’re sure you will love it).

If you would like to switch over to Gimmio, email us at [email protected] and we will organize a discount for you (depending on how long you’ve been with ZippySig).

Note: We cannot transfer your email signatures from ZippySig to Gimmio as they are completely separate platforms. So, when you switch over to Gimmio, you will need to re-create your email signatures.


Show me the goodies

Because we’re so proud of our new email signature generator, here’s a sneak peek of whats possible with Gimmio.

2 Replies to “What is Gimmio?”

  1. Hi there, I am looking at your service but just wondering is it possible to control all my companys signature from Gimmio? I.e if I wanted to update a banner across the business could I do this all form this platform or would it need to be copied and pasted each time?



    1. Hi Lucy,

      Yes, you can control your company signatures using Gimmio and update all the signatures in the dashboard at once. However, if you make changes to signatures, they will need to be re-installed into the email client.

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