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The Gimmio Blog is a place to find everything related to email signatures and business cards. We love publishing new content which our readers expect to see on our blog.

We’re always looking to publish high-quality blog articles which are concise and “fluff-free”. Meaning, the content really has to deliver something useful to our readers.

Do you have what it takes to create a great piece of content that our readers will love?

The Process

  1. Pitch – You can suggest 2-3 ideas for posts that you feel will make good content. We will then advise which ideas would fit.
  2. Draft(s) – You’ll write the first draft and send it through to us in .DOC format. We will then advise if any changes are needed or if the changes are minor, we will make the changes to the document and send it back to you for review.
  3. Publish – Once we have the final draft, we will publish it on our blog.
  4. Promotion – When your post is live on our website, we will promote it through our social and email marketing channels.

Pitching Ideas

We generally prefer if authors pitch their own ideas that they are comfortable writing about. This ensures that the content is high quality.

Here are some topics we like to publish on our blog:

  • Email Signatures (best practices, fonts, design tips, troubleshooting, etc)
  • Business Cards (styles, features, best practices, printing, design guides, etc)

Basically, we like publishing content that is focused around email signatures and business cards.

Article Length

The article length should be at least 1500 words.

However, articles should be as long as they need to be to say everything that needs to be said on the subject. You shouldn’t pad the article to reach a word count, and you shouldn’t leave gaps due to length.

Basically, if we sense that you’ve written an article for the sole purpose of getting a link from us, then we will likely reject it.

Include Examples

If you’re making a point in your article, it’s beneficial to have an example to clarify your position. For example, if you’re writing about vertical email signature designs, include an example image.

Original Content

We only publish original content that has not been published elsewhere. Do not submit content that has already been published elsewhere or is just a spun version of the original.


We allow 1 promotional link in the body text of articles and 1 in the author bio.


All articles require at least a featured image and should be 1280px by 700px. Try to include images within the article which are helpful to the reader.


We like to have our blog posts structured in a way that is easy for the reader to follow. This means using a lot of headings and subheadings, bullet and numbered points and bolding important parts of the text.


Gimmio uses American-English spelling and grammar.


All titles should be title case. For example “A Beginners Guide to Email Signatures” not “A beginners guide to email signatures”.

Ready to go?

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Note: Due to the number of submissions we receive, we will only get back to you if we’re interested in publishing your content.