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Email Signature Examples

Email Signatures for Surveyors

Overview Surveyors are normally out in the field, collecting mathematical data on landscapes such as angles, elevations and many other things. Surveying companies are often given long-term contracts with mining or construction companies that can generate substantial income. Having an email signature as a surveyor ensures that you present your communication with clients professionally. It's

Email Signatures for Independence Day

Overview Independence Day (4th of July) marks the Declaration of Independence for the American people, which is a paid federal holiday. Typically, some people will add a banner to their email signature for Independence Day which generally includes a variation of the American flag, stars and the Statue of Liberty. Adding a banner to the bottom of your

Email Signatures for Valentine’s Day

Overview Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday for many couples worldwide. Although you may not update your email signature to have a Valentine's Day feel to it if you are an office worker, there are many industries which can benefit from it. Industries such as florists, event organizers, hairdressers, hotels, restaurants and travel agents can benefit greatly

Email Signatures for Halloween

Overview Want to remind everyone that Halloween is just around the corner? Why not insert a pumpkin, ghost or grim reaper into your email signature to mark the occasion? Or you could take it to the next level and get your colleagues to take a photo of you in your Halloween costume and put that into

Email Signatures for Easter

Overview Easter is a time for celebration, family gatherings, and happiness. Showing everyone that you are celebrating Easter is all part of this great holiday season. You could add a few Easter eggs or bunnies to your email signature, which will make your email signature unique for the holiday season. We have many Easter holiday email signature examples below.

Email Signatures for Christmas

Overview Christmas is a time for celebration, family gatherings, and happiness. Showing everyone that you are feeling the Christmas spirit is all part of this great holiday season. Even if you add just a few snowflakes or a few little Christmas trees to your email signature, your recipients will like that. We have many Christmas holiday email

Email Signatures for Draftsmen

Overview Draftsmen are often creating technical drawings for machinery or buildings. They will generally email quite a lot to exchange ideas between colleagues and get technical instructions for drawings. Like other professions, an email signature is essential for a draftsman as it can show that they are qualified for the job. It is a good idea

Email Signatures for Teachers

Overview Teachers are an important asset, as they are teaching our future generation of children the right and wrongs of the world. As a teacher of a school, you should have email signatures so your students know how to contact you if they need to. You should also state your position in the school so

Email Signatures for Churches

Overview Churches often hold events where the public can join, such as Christmas and Easter time. Whether it's a Christian or Catholic church, having a good email signature for a church to use is quite important, as it can remind recipients about upcoming events or gatherings. Church ministers, pastors, priests and church teachers should all

Email Signatures for Nursing Homes

Overview Nursing homes are usually contacted to make an elderly person's life a bit easier. Having staff members that are certified or accredited and know how to do first aid will definitely make customers feel safer when choosing you. A great way of showing your accreditations or certificates is by having them in your email signature.