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Email Signatures for Surveyors

Overview Surveyors are normally out in the field, collecting mathematical data on landscapes such as angles, elevations and many other things. Surveying companies are often given long-term contracts with mining or construction companies that can generate substantial income. Having an email signature as a surveyor ensures that you present your communication with clients professionally. It's

Email Signatures for Draftsmen

Overview Draftsmen are often creating technical drawings for machinery or buildings. They will generally email quite a lot to exchange ideas between colleagues and get technical instructions for drawings. Like other professions, an email signature is essential for a draftsman as it can show that they are qualified for the job. It is a good idea

Email Signatures for Teachers

Overview Teachers are an important asset, as they are teaching our future generation of children the right and wrongs of the world. As a teacher of a school, you should have email signatures so your students know how to contact you if they need to. You should also state your position in the school so

Email Signatures for Churches

Overview Churches often hold events where the public can join, such as Christmas and Easter time. Whether it's a Christian or Catholic church, having a good email signature for a church to use is quite important, as it can remind recipients about upcoming events or gatherings. Church ministers, pastors, priests and church teachers should all

Email Signatures for Nursing Homes

Overview Nursing homes are usually contacted to make an elderly person's life a bit easier. Having staff members that are certified or accredited and know how to do first aid will definitely make customers feel safer when choosing you. A great way of showing your accreditations or certificates is by having them in your email signature.

Email Signatures for Chiropractors

Overview Chiropractors are medical professionals and should, therefore, have an email signature which is similar to a doctor or nurse. An email signature provides your patients with valuable information about you and your qualifications. Would you let a chiropractor work on your spine, if you weren't sure that they were accredited as chiropractors? Of course not!

Email Signatures for Casinos

Overview Casinos are where all the fun happens! Don't let your customers forget about their great experiences at your casino. An email signature allows you to show your customers all the great games that your casino offers. For a casino email signature, you would have a banner at the bottom linking to a page on your website

Email Signatures for Builders

Overview Builders need to have a positive relationship with their customers and to help achieve this, you should have a professional email signature. Builders often email councils, planners, draftsmen, lawyers and many others. Having a great looking email signature allows a builder to showcase the homes or other buildings that they have built so the

Email Signatures for Corporations

Overview Corporate email signatures should be well structured and thought out before implementation. Things to consider are corporate colors, logos, the details that should be shown in the email signatures, the design as well as the overall size of the email signature in KB. A large email signature will not only use up a lot

Email Signatures for Hairdressers

Overview Hairdressers, similar to barber shops will often accept bookings via email. As a hairdresser, you want to show off all your fantastic work, and what better way to do that then to have an email signature with a link to your customer testimonials, or customer reviews web page. In the past, we have seen