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Email Signatures for Barber Shops

Overview A lot of barber shops will take bookings via email. Having a great looking email signature for a barber shop can tell your customers more about your story, like why you became a barber? Is your family history closely tied with barber shops? Telling a story to your clients is the best way for

Email Signatures for Event Organizers

Overview Event organizers have a similar job to wedding planners however, they cater for all sorts of events. Organizing an event can be a tiresome job which takes a lot of communicating with other parties to ensure that everything goes smoothly for the customer. An event organizer will typically email venues, bands, catering companies, photographers, restaurants and many

Email Signatures for Tourism

Overview The tourism industry is a huge one and a very competitive one at that. There are plenty of travel companies offering flight, boat or ski resort packages at just a small cost. In order to be competitive in this industry, you have to get your marketing right, and what better way to start than your

Email Signatures for Small Teams

Overview Whether you have a small team or a large team of staff, email signatures are a must. Even if you have a small team, the number of emails they send out per day will be staggering. Each email they send can help you market your upcoming products or help you find out more about your

Email Signatures for Florists

Overview Florists often provide flowers for special occasions such as weddings and generally deal directly with wedding planners via email. Ensuring you get repeat business from your customers is crucial, and your reliability is important in this case. Let your customers know that you are reliable and can provide flowers for a range of functions by having an email

Email Signatures for Publishers

Overview A publisher should always be showcasing their top work in their email signature. If you have published a popular book or article that has gained a lot of attention, make sure to include that in your email signature so people know about it. Publishers send out a lot of emails, booking interviews, making arrangements

Email Signatures for Baristas

Overview Making a good coffee is a skill that has come a long way since the first cup of coffee was sipped. Baristas are an important asset in a coffee shop or a place that makes coffee. A baristas email signature should have awards that have been won and also any industry standards that they meet,

Email Signatures for Coffee Shops

Overview Coffee shops are probably the most frequented places on this planet, more so than pubs, and that says something. Having a good email signature allows you to place banners at the bottom, where you can put weekly deals on, such as "Second coffee is free when you buy 2 coffees". These sorts of deals

Email Signatures for Tattoo Artists

Overview If you are a tattoo artist, you have to remember that people trust you to ink their skin permanently, so you have to remain professional at all times in order to give your customers confidence that you can do the job properly. An email signature goes a long way to ensuring that you appear

Email Signatures for Travel Agents

Overview Travel agents help people make memories by organizing all the necessary things required for a trip and making it as easy as possible for their customers. Travel agents are professionals that require an email signature so their customers can contact them if there are any problems when they are on their holiday and also