How to Leverage Email Marketing to Engage Millennials


Millennials usually refer to the people who are born between 1981 and 1996. This generation saw the advent of the internet and, subsequently, many other social media platforms. Being a young, socially active, and tech-savvy generation, millennials have practically transitioned from a manual to a technological era.

By surrounding themselves with smartphones, the high penetration of the internet, and social media platforms, these digital frontrunners are more likely to buy from brands that have over time formed clear values, are inclusive, and host a robust online community.

Email Marketing & Millennials

Email marketing has ended up offering a distinct advantage. It is frequently viewed as the most effective way for brands to draw in millennials. An email can impact the buying choices of millennials. It is one of the best tools for marketing to millennials. For a powerful email showcased to recent college grads, for instance, one must pay attention to their decisions, objectives, and goals. How to engage with millennials or create content for millennials is perhaps the most significant learning for anybody. If you can successfully understand how to write for millennials, nothing can stop you.

Before we get into the tips on how to engage millennials through email marketing, let’s look at a few of their characteristics:

1. Millennials DO Check their Emails (Shocking, right?)

One out of three millennials browses their email when they wake up. A massive chunk of millennials likes to communicate with organizations using email. Millennials likewise spend more time looking through their inboxes compared to other social channels. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on email marketing and customize content that emphasizes user experiences. So it’s not a bad idea at all to include millennials in your email marketing campaign, in fact, it would almost be stupid to not include them.

When your email hits a millennial’s inbox, you want it to stand out, right? One of the simplest ways to make an email stand out is to include graphics in it (such as a logo). Using a professional email signature provides an easy way to naturally make every email you send stand out in the recipient’s mailbox.

2. They Research A LOT Before Making a Decision

Whether it’s about purchasing a gadget or anything else, millennials do their research and then make their decision. They read blogs, see reviews on YouTube, and will depend on these reviews to make an informed choice. For example, if a millennial sees an ad on social media, they won’t jump on that offer immediately. They will dig deep and get more information about the brand, the offer before initiating any kind of purchase.

That is why it would be a good idea to include reviews or testimonials in your email campaign that gives a personal/human touch to your emails!

3. Millennials Rely on Social Proof

Following the previous point, apart from their own research, millennials will also rely on testimonials of actual users. Social proof is now an essential part of every marketing campaign because it tells new customers a real story of past/current users and gives them a better understanding of what the brand is about. One of the best ways to convince millennials is to incorporate social proof by collecting reviews and testimonials of your past customers.

4. They Hate Salesy Campaigns

Just like everyone else, but a tad bit extra, millennials hate pushy ads and emails that are just about selling their product or services. You have to be extra careful when crafting an email campaign for millennials. An over salesy campaign will not only create a bad impression for your brand but is also impractical.


Tips for Engaging Millennials through Email Marketing

Now that you understand millennials’ characteristics and their behavior online, it’s time to look at these tips and apply them in your email marketing!

Have you generally considered what is the best way to market to millennials? Marketing to millennials in 2022 employs a detailed strategy, a well-defined process, and robust actions that engage millennials and drive sales for the brand. Below are a few tips to connect with millennials through email.

1. Make Emails Mobile-Friendly

Optimization is the key! Over half of millennials, approx. 53%, utilize their mobile phone to browse email, which means optimizing email for portable perusal is essential. To guarantee that your email seems alluring on a mobile device, you must work together with an email specialist centered fundamentally around creating adjustable, versatile email templates for all types of devices. For effective marketing to millennials, this is a crucial step.

2. Create Engaging Subject Lines

When trying to engage millennials through email marketing, you need to pay extra attention to your subject line. Millennials are frequently viewed as a content-driven group. They’re constantly browsing websites, online media, and more to find new content and items. This craving for originality and the email propensity comes with an attention span of 12 seconds.

To effectively catch their attention, advertisers need to incorporate a to-the-point copy in email headlines and write killer subject lines. The inbox of millennials is frequently packed, and if your subject line doesn’t provoke their curiosity in those initial couple of moments, then, at that point, your email has a high probability of not being opened. You can consider including language that talks straightforwardly to the reader and underlines the worth being given. Abstain from utilizing obscure, deluding, or excessively astute headlines to get millennials to open the email. All things being equal, ensure headlines and preview text are inventive yet significant.

3. Highlight Your Brand Values

Millennials are more cautious about the environment and they look for socially responsible brands. They are very focused on buying from purposeful brands. Millennials would be willing to spend more with these brands as they probably know their well-deserved money is going towards an initiative that could be greater than themselves. An enormous number of millennials purchase from ventures that are sustainable and ethical. It’s, therefore, crucial to feature such drives, and the email is a beautiful spot to do so. Send a note expressing your brand’s sustainability objectives toward the start of the year, and follow up regularly with your new features and developments.


4. Reward their Loyalty

Money is a tremendous worry for millennials owing to lower wages, increasing debts, and other monetarily squeezing factors. This implies that they’re continually searching for approaches to set aside cash at whatever point they can. A significant number of recent college grads say they’ll re-buy from brands with reliability and prize programs utilizing limits and selective offers. This is a crucial step to capture the nerve of millennial email habits and build customer loyalty.

Let millennials realize you seek their business by sending messages with coupons, VIP admittance to deals, or other imaginative incentive strategies. A helpful and straightforward approach is by offering a birthday gift or a markdown during a client’s birthday month.

5. One-on-one Personalisation

Conventional messages must be avoided when contacting millennials. Instead, attempt to gather as much information from all channels and make sections of your email based on this information and their online conduct to send altered messages that say significantly more than just ‘Hi’.

If it’s not too much trouble, observe essential information signals, for example, what site pages they see, what items they generally purchase, and what time of day they typically open their messages. Remember that millennials anticipate you should address them personally and give them data that can be utilized.

A study found that if millennials feel they are being sent relevant messages, their brand loyalty increases by 7% on average.

6. Be Visual

Visual data primarily drives millennial email habits. Visual content frames an essential piece of information utilization by millennials. Attempt to incorporate pictures, recordings, and other intellectual content structures like surveys to develop an engaging experience. Feel free to use a variety of media tools and multimedia software to create interesting and engaging content. It will cause millennials to feel more associated with your brand/organization and align with your messages more frequently.

7. Send Relevant Emails

Millennials are one age group that doesn’t have the advantage of quiet inboxes. There’s a steady progression of data rolling in, from work messages to brand offers. This, in a way, implies they have a low capacity to bear spam. Many millennials get bothered by too many advertising messages, so it’s fundamental to be aware of the importance of your message. Ensure to restrict the number of messages sent each day and each week as you would prefer not to pack their inbox or disturb them. Additionally, tap into information, such as last viewed items, wish lists, or deserted cart items, to send relevant emails depending on their stage of buyer journey.


Millennial email habits play an essential role in successful email marketing. Millennials make up a significant segment of the working population in almost all of the world’s economies. It is an audience segment that advertisers can’t just overlook. If you can successfully comprehend the do’s and don’ts of drawing in millennials well through email advertising, then nothing can stop you!

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