Office 365 Dynamic Signature Injection Coming Soon


It’s been a while since we’ve provided an update, but there’s a good reason for that – we’ve been very, very busy! Throughout the last 12 months, we’ve been considering many different ways to add value for our loyal customers using the Gimmio platform. One of the most requested features we get asked for is Office 365 integration. This allows email signatures to be dynamically injected into all outgoing emails on a server level, allowing flexibility for marketing teams and the ability to adjust signatures on the fly.

Here’s the good news…we’ve already started developing our Office 365 integration which will allow Gimmio customers to hook up their email signatures with Office 365 for easy and hassle-free deployment.

Advantages of Gimmio’s Office 365 Integration

Here are some of the amazing advantages of our Office 365 integration:

  • Easy Template CreationCreate your email signature template in Gimmio, using placeholders such as “%%name%%”, “%%position%%” and so on, and Gimmio will automatically fill in the information based on the sender’s information in Active Directory/Office 365 – pretty neat!
  • Simple Deployment/Updates – No need to bother your users to install email signatures on their email client, simply connect your Office 365 with Gimmio, and we will handle the rest of it. The same applies to updating signatures. Want to update 1000 signatures? No problem, just update the template and click apply. This will automatically update the signature for all users that are using it.
  • Granular Control – You can create email signature templates for different groups in your Active Directory. This allows you to have different email signatures for different departments, offices, locations, or whatever you want for greater flexibility when using your email signatures for marketing.
  • Microsoft Hosted – That’s right, our signature processing is done on Microsoft Azure which is on the same Microsoft infrastructure as your Office 365. Meaning, your email never leaves the Microsoft datacenters.
  • GDPR Ready – We will have servers in the EU for our European customers, to comply with GDPR laws.
  • No Storing of Personal Data– All emails and their contents are permanently deleted once they have been processed by our signature injection servers. Logs are restricted to only non-personally identifiable data.

The New Gimmio Platform

Our new Office 365 integration requires the redevelopment of our existing Gimmio platform as there is some additional functionality that is required. This means that we will have an all-new platform even for our small business customers that want to simply copy and paste their signature into their email client. The current Gimmio platform will still be available for our existing customers, but any new customers will be required to sign up to the new platform once it’s released.

The new platform will have some exciting features, such as a true drag-and-drop editor where you will have the complete freedom to design any style of email signature you want. There will be many more powerful features, making Gimmio the most intuitive and easy-to-use email signature generator!

Future Plans

Future plans for our Office 365 integration are quite wild – no, seriously! Some of these features will turn Gimmio into a marketing powerhouse.

Note: Please remember that all emails and their contents will be permanently deleted from our servers once the email is processed by our signature injection engine. The contents of the email will only be used for processing and nothing else. Also, the features below can all be switched on/off as desired by the account admin.

  • Smart Rule Matching – We plan on having a feature that analyzes each email sent by the sender, and looks out for keywords, which will dynamically adjust the signature that is being injected into the email to fit the purpose of the email. For example, say one of your Sales team members sends an email, and we detect the email body has a mention of the word “dress shoes”, it will automatically inject a banner at the bottom of your signature showcasing your dress shoes product and a link to buy them. These smart rules can be set by the account admin, allowing your email signatures to be truly dynamic. Put your email signatures to work!
  • Machine Learning / AI – Based on the sending history of the sender, the sales banners that were used on previous emails, and the clicked link tracking, we will use machine learning to provide a confidence score of which sales banner converts best for each staff member and apply that same sales banner more often for future emails that the staff member sends. Now that’s smart marketing!
  • Tracking Link Clicks – This will show you which staff members’ emails get the most clicks, and which ones are lacking. With this data, you’ll be able to find out why some staff emails get more clicks than others.

To wrap it up

The Office 365 integration will be a huge milestone for Gimmio, and our team is excited to be working on this new platform. The new platform will give our customers a fresh and improved way of marketing to their email recipients. Some of the features we’re looking to implement have never been done in the email signature marketing industry – which is what drives us to work non-stop until it’s done.

6 Replies to “Office 365 Dynamic Signature Injection Coming Soon”

  1. Can someone give me a call or an email response. 478-296-1008 or [email protected]. I’m trying to figure out how the integration with Office365 will work. Will we be able to inject signatures from an admin panel or will each user have to setup their own email?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for the question. I figure I would reply here in case anyone else wanted to know the same thing.

      The first part of the integration would be that you would grant Gimmio permissions to your Office 365, where we would automatically create some transport rules for your organization, and make your outbound emails route via our signature injection server. Then, you would select which user(s) in your Office 365 should have their signatures injected via Gimmio. Once that is done, you would simply create a signature template that will include placeholders for dynamic data, such as names, positions, phone numbers, etc.

      When your user sends an email, it will route through our server, and we would dynamically create their signature based on the signature template and their names, positions, and any other details we can obtain about them from your Active Directory/Office 365. Once the signature is injected, we would simply pass that email back to your Office 365, and then your Office 365 tenant would send the actual email to the recipient.

      What this means, is that our server will only be used for signature injection, and your emails will always be sent from your Office 365 tenant.

      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      At this stage, we are still in the process of coding this new update for Gimmio. We are getting closer by the day, but as you can imagine, there is a lot of work involved to ensure the platform is secure, reliable, and works as expected. I cannot give a timeline as to when the new service will be live, but what I can say is that it is a complete overhaul of Gimmio to make every aspect much better.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Unfortunately we haven’t completed the Office365 signature injection just yet. We are adding a lot of features to it which is taking a bit longer than expected to finish. Hopefully it will be done in the next few months.

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