How to Disable / Remove AVG Email Signature

In this post, we will show you how to remove the AVG email signature from all outgoing emails! When AVG is installed on your computer, by default, it will display the following email signature in all of your outgoing emails: "Virus-free." If the email signature setting is enabled in AVG, it will append the signature

How to Disable / Remove Avast Email Signature

Want to permanently disable or remove the Avast email signature from all outgoing emails? You've come to the right place! When you install Avast, by default, there will be an email signature setting which is turned on which inserts one of the following messages to all of your outgoing emails: "Virus-free." "This email has been

How to Fix Blurry, Pixelated or Fuzzy Email Signature Images

Are your email signature images looking blurry, pixelated or fuzzy? Are they not looking crisp and clear like they should be? Well, you're definitely not alone. This issue haunts many people, and today we'll explain how you can easily fix these issues. Most of the time, email signature images are blurry because their resolution is

How to Fix Image Problems in Apple Mail Email Signatures

Apple Mail can be a problematic email client at times, especially when it comes to email signature images not displaying correctly. When your email signature images are not showing up in Apple Mail, there are a few ways you can fix this, depending on the situation and the symptoms. Let's take a look at a

How to Enable Email Signatures for Office 365 OWA

When trying to add an email signature to Office 365 OWA (Outlook Web Access) you may notice the signature section is missing, grayed out, or you may see a message like “The option you chose isn’t available”. The reason you can't add an email signature in your Office 365 OWA is because the feature is

HTML vs Rich Text vs Plain Text Email Formats

Today, we'll explain the difference between HTML, Rich Text and Plain Text email formats and which one you should use. The best email format to use depends on your situation. If you need advanced functionality with flexible styling options or you want to use a fancy email signature, use the HTML format. If you're only

Should you include an email address in your email signature?

One of the most popular questions we get asked is "Should you have an email address in your email signature?". Yes, it is beneficial to include an email address in your email signature because of the advantages listed below. Some people say there's no point in having an email address in your email signature because