How to Create the Best Christmas Email Signature

Christmas Email Signature

Whether you’re young, old, work in a professional environment or in a blue-collar job, a Christmas email signature will always raise everyone’s Christmas and New Year spirit.

Christmas is all about giving to your loved ones, but the giving doesn’t have to stop there. Sending them an email with a Santa Claus signature is sure to make them smile.

Helping someone get into the spirit of Christmas by sending them a holiday email signature is all part of the festive season!

Gimmio makes it easy to spice up your email signature to give it that Christmas feel.

You can add a Christmas email banner, change the colors of the text in your email signature to be red and green (Christmas colors), or you could even update your logo or face shot image to include mistletoe or other holiday decorations.

Christmas Email Signature Banner Templates

Creating an email signature banner can be somewhat difficult as you will need to get familiar with how to use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Whether you’re creating a promotional banner or a Christmas banner, the process is exactly the same.

We won’t go into the full details on how to create a banner from scratch, as we have already covered that topic here.

Instead, let’s take a look at some examples of Christmas banners to give you inspiration.

Christmas Email Signature Banner
Christmas Email Signature Banner
Christmas Email Signature Banner
Christmas Email Signature Banner
Christmas Email Signature Banner
Christmas Email Signature Banner
Christmas Email Signature Banner
Christmas Email Signature Banner

How to Change Text Color in Your Email Signature for Christmas

Changing Text Color Using Gimmio

Changing the text color in your email signature for Christmas time is really easy if you’re using Gimmio.

1. Log in to Gimmio.

ZippySig Login

2. Select your email signature and click the Edit button.

ZippySig Edit Button

3. Click on the Customization tab at the top.

ZippySig Customization Button

4. You can either select a style preset which matches the font and color you want or you can define the styles yourself manually.

Remember, red and green are popular Christmas colors to use in your email signature.

ZippySig Style Presets
ZippySig Style Spacing

5. Install your email signature by clicking the Install tab at the top.

Note: For instructions on how to install your email signature into your email client, click here.

ZippySig Install Button

Changing Text Color Manually

If you’re planning to change the text color of your email signature manually, you may want to look at our coding guides here first.

Basically, changing the text color will involve you finding the nearest ‘font-color’ element for the text color you want to change, and changing it to your desired color.

Sometimes, the element may just be named ‘color’ if it’s inside a span like with the example below.

HTML colors are defined in a hexadecimal pattern.

For example,

Black = #000000

White = #ffffff

Red = #ff0000

Yellow = #fff000

The code you will want to change will look something like this:

Email Signature Font Color

Examples of Christmas Email Signatures

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